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Are RC cars a little too outdated for you? Has robot battling always interested you but you don’t know how to make a battle robot? Well, meet battle drones – which is the product that you never knew you needed. These flying RC controlled drones are basically flying laser tag in the sky, with flips and different speeds. Sound cool? They are! They’re small, too, and mostly safe for kids to use. Read on below to learn more about buying your very own set of the best battle drones.

Who Can Use Battle Drones?

If you’re old enough to control a two-hand game controller and use it, you’re old enough to use battle drones. That’s the hardest part of using them, other than the actual flying. Some of them have features that are great for kids – like self-hovering technology.

Battling drones can be a great activity for kids and parents, especially if you’re too tired to run around and play real laser tag. But don’t let the kid-appeal fool you. Adults can have just as much fun with these as the little ones.

What Features Are Standard?

There are a few standard features and some fancy ones on this list. The standard features are that these are flying drones, with RC technology. That means they work on the same wavelength as RC cars – so there are no wires required.

best battle drone

Infrared Lights

For the battle aspect of it, these should have Infrared lights, which are how the drones “hit” each other.

Size and Maneuverability

Most are quadcopters, which means they have four propellers coming off of four different arms.

Fancier features include things such as 3D-flips – barrel rolls and the like. You don’t need the drone to flip to battle, but it does look cool.


Another premium feature is speed – how many speeds does the model offer? Two speeds is standard and three is premium.

Safety Features and Defeat Settings

Last but not least, some models have a built-in defeat setting. That means if one drone gets hit four times, it safely lands on the ground. It’s just like that period in laser tag, after your hit, where you can’t shoot anyone else.

Price Range

We have prices from $25 up to $100 on this list, but most hover (pun intended) around the $50 price point. Most come in two packs, so you’re essentially getting two for the price of one and can get to battling right away. It’s better to start out flying with a cheaper model if you’ve never flown drones before. If you do choose to spend more, make sure you choose a model that comes with replacement parts.

About half of the best battling drones on the market are rechargeable and half are battery powered. Be sure to calculate in the cost of batteries if you choose a non-rechargeable drone set.

9 Best Battle Drones of 2019

Welcome to our section that features the best battle drones on the market. They’re not ranked in any particular order, so you can shop based on features, not on the drone’s list location.

1. Air Wars Battle Drone

battle drones

If you want some serious battle bang for your buck, check out this battle drone two pack with 2.4Ghz of power. It comes in two colors and with all the accessories you could need.That means extra propellers and charging cables. However – those charging cables don’t need to come out of the box just yet. The drones are charged and ready to go right away.

This battle drone set has four attack moves and three-speed settings. If you’re looking for a cheap starter set – give this one a try.

2. Holy Stone HS177 Battle Drones

holy stone battle drones

Even cheaper than our last option is this two pack of red and blue battle drones. While the title (it’s longer than we typed here) makes them sound fancy, they’re pretty kid friendly. We like that these drones come equipped to play – you don’t have to make up your own rules. If one gets hit four times, it lands by itself until you “reset” the game.

Along with battling these can do flips, which feels very Top Gun. They have three speeds and, what’s really cool, is they’re self-righting. Whichever way is facing forward is the front – no matter how many flips they do.

3. Battle Drones SKYKING S-55X

skyking battle drones

Another two set, this is the most expensive set so far. It’s still well under $100 if the price point is an issue for you. Like the Holy Stone battle drones, these come with a pre-set fight mode. Four hits and it lands by itself, giving it a little battle time-out.

The SKYKING Battle Drone does flips as well and has two different speed settings. The battery life is six minutes, which could absolutely be longer.

4. FAITHPRO AG-05 Mini Battle Drones

faithpro mini battle drone

This is another well-priced two-pack, in some kid-friendly colors. The FAITHPRO mini battle drones come in orange and nice sky blue, with coordinating propeller colors. When it comes to the actual battling, the units are pretty simple. They roll and have a few speed settings.

With their price and simplicity, we recommend these drones for beginners. The one-handed remote it comes with is great for little hands.

Finally – the most beginner friendly feature on this whole device is its structure. The drones are foldable – so if they hit something, there won’t be as much damage! No more worrying about your seven years old accidentally breaking a neighbors window with their not-so-great flying skills!

5. LUCKYKS Mini Battle Drones Quadcopter

Are you looking for some teeny tiny battle drones? Maybe to start out with or to travel with? These Mini Battle Drones are perfect. They almost fit in the palm of your hand, and fold up for better storage options.

Instead of being rechargeable like most of these drones, they’re battery operated. Since drones drain batteries quickly, be sure to purchase some reusable batteries (and a charger) to go along with it. If you’re looking for a no frills option consider these! They do include emergency stop and 4 channel control.

6. Lefant Mini Battle Drones for Kids

lefant mini battle drones

If you’re looking for some mini battle drones that have more features, Lefant makes a great choice for you. These are made for kids – but they do everything an adult drone fighter could want.

Lefant’s mini battle drones have all the bells and whistles. Multiple speeds, 3D flips and a longer than average battery life. They come in two colors, a set of silver and gold – and have a twelve-month warranty – which is rare for this type of product.

7. Quadrone Call of Duty Two Battle Drones

call of duty battle drone

If you want a seriously cool looking battle drone, check these out. They come in dark blue and grey, with the classic quadcopter surrounded propeller look. Along with their aesthetics, they do some cool flips and have the 4-hits then land feature. You can play with these at three different speeds as well.

These drones do take batteries, but they also come with extra propellers, so we’ll call the pro/con list equal. Call of Duty Battle Drones are on the expensive side, closer to $100 than any of the other choices on this list. But for the quality and the sheer appeal, we say they’re worth it.

8. SkyRider DR1717B Battle Drones

skyrider battle drones

Back to simplicity with this small pair of battle drones, at least when it comes to their design. They come in two colors and are about the size of a dinner plate, each. While they’re not unique in look, they do have some great features. They can do flips and have three speeds.

If you want replacement options, you get eight rotors when you order this set – and a fitting size screwdriver. That’s the most comprehensive replacement offering on this list. They’re battery powered, so again, make sure you get some reusable batteries.

At about the same price point as the rest of the drones on this list, go ahead and buy this pair. Especially if you know you’re hard on propellers since you get so many replacements!

9. DEERC HS177 Quadcopter Battle Drone

While this is the only drone on our list that doesn’t come in a two pack, it’s about half the average price. What it’s not lacking in is features. It boasts a steady-hover feature, which will keep the drone stable in the air when you’re not flying it.

This is a great feature for budding drone pilots. Fighting wise it has everything you’d expect: 3 speeds, flips, and 4-shot down technology. It doesn’t come with replacement parts, but it does have an exchangeable top part and comes with a blue color top.

Users love how smoothly it flies and its almost ten-minute battery. It’s the highest rated on our best battling drones list.

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