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Do you love trains, or have someone in your family who does? Why not consider purchasing an electric train set? Train sets are great for learning and interaction at home, as well as getting involved in local activities. With so many kinds to choose from, though, where do you start? Countless options await as you look at the many sets that are available. Whether you’re looking for the best train sets for adults or children, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for our guide for choosing the best electric train set, in addition to our top picks below.

6 Best Electric Train Sets of 2019

From helicopters to RC cars, there are plenty of electronic toys to choose from, but trains are in a category all their own.

No matter what type of train set you’re looking for, there’s something out there that will meet your needs. There are plenty to choose from, so we’ve done some research to get you started. As you search for the best electric train set, keep these ones in mind.

1. Bachmann Rail Chief Ready To Run Electric Train Set – Ho Scale

best electric train set

If you’re looking or a train that’s both sturdy and fun to operate, this could be the best electric train set for you. Children will love the operating headlight, and older family members will appreciate the high-quality steel track. This set includes 130 pieces, including miniature people, telephone poles, a signal bridge, and several types of rail cars. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive train setup, this is a great option.

2. Lionel Polar Express G-Gauge

Best Electric Train Set for Kids

best electric train sets

While this train set isn’t the fanciest one out there, it has a lot of fun features. Children will love having a model version of the train from the beloved Christmas story. This makes it the best electric train set for kids. This set comes with twelve track pieces that are easy to assemble. The passenger coach’s opening doors add an element of interaction to this train set, as do the three character figures from the film. Easy to set up and store, this train set offers both fun and convenience.

3. Bachmann Trains Chattanooga Ready-To-Run Ho Scale Train Set

Bachmann Trains Chattanooga Ready-To-Run Ho Scale Train Set

The Chattanooga Ready-to-Go train set offers a fun and interactive steam-era setting, complete with 155 pieces. The miniature people, buildings, and more come together to create a perfect train scene. Children and adults will love the features in this set, including the operating smoke and headlight.

4. Bachmann Durango and Silverton HO Scale Ready To Run Electric Train Set

Bachmann Durango and Silverton HO Scale Ready To Run Electric Train Set

If mining trains are your thing, then this set should definitely be on your list. Complete with an open excursion car and old-time coach, this set provides hours of fun while giving a nod to history. Help your children learn by selecting this set, modeled after the Durango & Silverton line, which is now a National Historic Landmark.

5. Lionel Thomas And Friends Remote Train Set-O-Gauge

Best Electric Train Set for Toddlers

best electric train set for kids

If you’re looking for a great train set for young children, look no further! This Thomas The Tank Engine set will thrill youngsters while providing the fun of an operating set. Multiple face pieces allow children to change Thomas’ mood, making this set even more fun. Easy setup will also have parents liking this set. The included remote controller offers forward, reverse, sound, and speed controls.

While it is the best electric train set for toddlers because of the character, they should only use it with adult supervision.

6. Bachmann Trains Coastliner Ready To Run Electric Train Set

Best Train Sets for Adults

best train sets for adults

Any of the Bachmann trains could be considered the best train sets for adults. This particular train set comes ready to run and includes a little bit of everything. A stylish locomotive leads the way, complete with operating headlight and all-wheel-drive. Two cars and a caboose, a power pack, and a speed controller complement the train outfit. This set also comes with 36 inches of track.

Benefits of Owning an Electric Train Set

Owning an electric train set can be both rewarding and educational. It can also help you be more involved in the world since model train shows are popular.

Whether you’re looking to collect or simply play, owning a train set can be fun. Try adding accessories, buildings, and new cars to your set. Or help children learn important skills such as identifying different colors and connecting track pieces together. Electric toys can be great sources of learning for children, and trains are no different.

Train sets are ageless, allowing a set to have a special place in someone’s heart no matter how old they grow. Train sets received as children can create great nostalgia later on in life, and their The best train set for you is one that instills fun memories while giving you lasting quality.

best electric train set

What to Look for When Shopping for an Electric Train Set

There are many things to consider when choosing an electric train set. While your decision should ultimately be driven by your wants and needs, you may not have considered all of your options.

Questions to Ask

  • Why are you getting the train set?
  • For playtime?
  • Or do you want to start collecting?
  • What railroad do you want to represent?  Choose from Union Pacific or several others.

Electric Train Set Gauges and Power

Make sure you consider the train track’s gauge, especially if you’re wanting to use different sets together. Each set will specify what gauge it uses.

You’ll also want to consider the level of power the set has. If you’re okay with a base powerpack, that’s great. If you’re looking for something more powerful, don’t waste your time comparing sets that don’t have that feature.

What Age Level

best electric train sets for kids

When buying a train set it’s important to consider who you’re buying the set for. Is this set really for dad even though he says it’s for the kid?

If it is for your child, their age is important to take into account. Children under the age of three should not play with the small parts that come included in train sets. And children under the age of five are probably better suited to non-electric push train sets. The best electric train sets for kids should always be used with adult supervision.

Set a Budget for the Best Train Set

Your budget should also be at the forefront of your mind when comparing train sets. Are you willing to pay $500 or the ideal set? Or are you limited to something closer to $50? Knowing your budget will help you focus on the right sets and not waste time on others.

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