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The hoverboard gets every kid, teenager, or young adult excited to ride one. In order to make life easier and help you choose only the best self-balancing scooter, we have created a simple yet comprehensive buying guide with all the essential hoverboard features you need to consider. Here, you will also find our best hoverboard picks that showcase the pros and cons of each product at a glance.

7 Best Hoverboards of 2019

So what is the best hoverboard on the market? We’ve got a selection for you picked out based on quality, price, features, and consumer reviews/reputation. The best place to buy a hoverboard is online, because you have access to all the best brands, details, and customer feedback.

Let’s find out who makes the best hoverboards around!

1. Swagtron T1

Best Rated Hoverboard

Best Rated Hoverboard

Right out of the gate, the Swagtron brand is one that is trusted with performance and safety. They’re the first brand to have their hoverboards certified UL 2272. All their components are high-grade, not just their batteries. An ABS outer shell will handle years of abuse and high temps.

Take it out for a stroll during a heatwave without fear of overheating. The dual motors are a strong 250-watts, capable of handling inclines of up to 30 degrees without trouble.

best rated hoverboard for kids

The T1 has a range of 12 miles on a charge with top speeds of 8 miles per hour. The best part is it only takes an hour to charge to full again. There’s an indicator light that will tell you when the battery is low and if you run out of juice. The LED headlights make riding in the night much safer.

Riding out of battery power will make the Swagtron T1 coast to a controlled stop. This is a big deal because most hoverboards will lose all control and you’re forced to bail.

You’ll be sure-footed on the T1, with plenty wide foot grips and very sturdy wheel frames. Consumer feedback and reviews have reflected the much deserved Unleash the Bot award of Best Rated Hoverboard.

2. MegaWheels Self-Balancing Scooter

Best Hoverboard for Kids

Best Hoverboard for Kids

MegaWheels is one of the best hoverboard brands for beginners. In fact, it’s not a stretch to say that MegaWheels is marketed towards young audiences. If you’re a parent, rest assured, this is a hoverboard that was made with safety in mind. Just like the Swagtron, it passes all safety certifications. The build quality is very high-grade, sporting fire and water-proof safety.

best hoverboard kids

The extra-wide pedals make it easy for kids to get on and off. It has dual motors that make it easy for riding over various terrain. It’s the best hoverboard kids can get, especially for the price!

If we had one negative mark about this model, it’s that it is not the lightest hoverboard out there. The bulk adds to the safety, but still requires an adult for assistance.

3. Halo Rover

Best All Terrain Hoverboard

Best All Terrain Hoverboard

Looking for power and performance? The Halo Rover goes over all uneven surfaces without missing a beat. It’s dual motors carry 800 watts of power, making it the ultimate hands-free land transportation. The power doesn’t go wasted, either. The aluminum frame is strong, but light. In fact, it can handle the higher weight limits for hoverboards of 264 pounds.

The Halo is smart, too. It will stay upright when it’s not moving or when no one is on it. The awesome tires make it the best off road hoverboard for all terrain surfaces!

Just read the reviews online, the community loves it. The Halo Rover has great customer support, low failure rates, and tires that are puncture-proof. Yes, it does cost a lot more than your average hoverboard, but you get a premium experience for it.

4. GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO Hover Board

Best Hoverboard Under 200

Best Hoverboard Under 200

This affordable, lightweight hoverboard is perfect for first-timers. The Hoverfly has an eco-friendly system that reduces power draw and carbon emissions. The battery is protected by industry-standard Sentry Shield tech that controls its output levels. This helps prevent the battery from overheating in its case and the board itself from getting too warm.

Weighing in at only 24 pounds, the Hoverfly is easy to take with you. This board won’t win any awards for features or specs, but it is certainly a reliable product with high praises online.

5. TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed Hover Board

Best Bluetooth Hoverboard

Best Bluetooth Hoverboard

Keep everything fun and funky with Tomoloo’s Music hoverboard. Everything about this board is awesome, from the vibrant colors to the LED light show. This hoverboard is like no other, thanks to the unique music karaoke design.

Using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 system, Tomoloo has integrated stereo speakers with great sound. Once you sync up your smartphone, you can begin playing music with synchronized LED lights!

The lights on the hoverboard dance to the rhythm while you ride. You can get 10km per charge at over 9-10mph. If you have a late night out partying to your music, it’s easy to carry back, weighing only 18 pounds. We do kind of wish the light brightness could be controlled. You should know what you’re getting into with this flashy disco scooter.

6. Swagtron T6

Best Hoverboard 2018 & 2019

Best Hoverboard 2017

Looking for one of the fastest stock hoverboards on the market? Well, the T6 is what you want to for hoverboard racing. Topping out at 12 mph on flat ground, the T6 is actually very balanced under the feet. The strength of the T6 is so remarkable, it can handle a whopping 420 pounds of payload.

This is great news for larger audiences (think of all the football players unable to enjoy one). Swagtron really outdid themselves on this build, adding 10-inch tires for unlimited opportunities. Ride through puddles, mud, and dusty trails, nothing stops the T6.


You can also play music through its Bluetooth speakers. While you have your phone up, you can access a dedicated app that will track your hoverboard performance. It will tell you the battery life, top speed, and miles traveled. Obvious, you should try to avoid driving while handling your phone, but it’s nice to have access to those features.

7. Segway miniPLUS

Best Hoverboard for the Money

Best Hoverboard for the Money

The godfather of the hoverboard, it’s hard to believe they came out in 2001. Everyone’s talking about their new hybrid venture that is part hoverboard and part scooter. The miniPLUS is targeted towards the luxury market, of course, don’t expect to see these dip below $700.

The features are very generous, however. You get over 22 miles of range, over 12 mph top speed, and pneumatic tires that absorb every bump. Onboard, the miniPLUS has its own voice-command system that lets you control your music. The knee bar is a nice feature for those learning to use hoverboards. It can be detached if you don’t want it.

The thing will even follow you around when you’re on foot with its remote control following tech.

What’s The Big To-Do With Hoverboards?

There has been a bit of controversy around them, with bans on the sidewalks/streets of New York and the U.K., but that’s not necessarily shocking with how little space there is on busy streets. Various laws have passed since those early days of accidents and battery fires. Sources of these problems have to do with the hoverboard market being inundated with lots of competitors and clones.

As a result, there are hundreds of products out there, many of which are cheap and gimmicky counterfeits trying to pass off as the originals. This is why we’ve found all the best brand hoverboards around that have solid reputations- to help you avoid a faulty ride.

Here are a couple of things you should consider before buying a hoverboard for your kid or yourself.

best hoverboards

Safety Standards

Because of how marred hoverboard’s history is with exploding boards and erratic behavior, we want to cover their safety today. In the past, it was a bit of a free-for-all because there was no regulation in-place yet. The hoverboard was new and the technology wasn’t easy to reproduce. Eventually, the government stepped in and made all future hoverboard releases to be UL 2272 compliant.

Swagtron became the first brand to introduce a self-balancing scooter that was fully UL 2272 compliant. Never buy a hoverboard that isn’t officially certified compliant. That’s why guides like these are important to read if you plan on trying to get your hands on one of these new high-tech toys.

Drive Slowly

The other misleading information about hoverboards out there is that they are dangerous due to the difficulty to control. This would only be true if you hopped on one with no regard for your own safety or environment. As with any motorized vehicle or pair of wheels that you stand on, you should be on a flat surface with ample space.

Newcomers should be wearing a helmet and padding to protect themselves. You will fall on a hoverboard, so don’t be one of those fools on video who knock themselves out on your living room table or crash into a wall at 10mph.

That brings up another issue: These things can go fast. If you haven’t learned how to ride one, then a hoverboard can do quick work and have you in the hospital cursing at the inanimate object, rather than yourself.

Finding the Best Hoverboard to Buy

best hoverboard

If you’ve never done a quick search for one, the sticker shock can be a bit harsh. This is especially true considering how small they are and the fact that they are not using new technology, as Segway pioneered it over a decade ago. With that said, the prices can vary wildly, thanks to the influx of new manufacturers.

This is where you’ll need to do your homework, or you could end up with a defective “self-balancing board” that doesn’t hold a charge, or worse, doesn’t keep from exploding into flames. The best hoverboard brands are going to price at the higher end, but they are worth it in the long run.

Our list of recommended hoverboards focuses on these major tenants:

  1. Value
  2. Review Rating
  3. Style

Lesser-known brands get the same opportunity to impress. We judge them based on their merits, so there will be no biases shown in these picks. Now, let’s see who’s leading the pack!

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