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Drone racing is an up and coming hobby, that’s capturing the country in a wave of adrenaline. Starting off as a hobby it’s now on it’s way to becoming an international sport. Since it was founding in 2015, the Drone Racing League has attracted some heavy investment, almost $12 million from high-end investors. It’s not just back-end investors who have an interest in drone racing. Over 150,000 spectators watched pilots racing the Champs-?lys?es during the Paris Drone Festival. With so much interest in this new sport, many are turning online to find out what the best racing drone kit is for getting started.

But there’s a problem, with a world of choice at your fingertips it can be tough to find the best option when first starting out. We wrote this article, to help you find the best DIY racing drone kit to help you get started.

Why Would You Want To Race Drones?

Apart from the exhilaration of flying what are essentially hovercrafts through the air at high speed, being a drone pilot can be a highly lucrative endeavor. For example, Luke Bannister, the number one ranked DR1 Racing drone pilot is earning over six-figures from sponsorship deals, that’s not including the winnings he received from the World Drone Prix series in Dubai in 2016 which was a sizable $250,000.

Considering that the sport is new also means that the income levels of high-level professionals are bound to increase as popularity for the sports increases over time.

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Some Drone Racing Terms You Should Become Familiar With

With any new sport comes a whole host of acronyms, fancy words, and terms that only the people who are into the sport really understand. To help you understand some of the lingo and prepare you for what to expect in the world of drone racing, here are some important terms and acronyms to get to grips with.

  • FPV Racing. This is the name of the drone racing sport. It stands for first-person view racing. This is where racing drones or quadcopters race around a predetermined track.
  • FPV (First Person View). Standing for first-person view, this is where using goggles, a screen or a monitor you guide your drone in real-time from their multirotor’s camera.
  • Line Of Sight (LoS). LoS is when you can see your drone while you’re piloting it.
  • RTF Racing Drones (Ready to Fly). These are ready-made drones for FPV racing that don’t require any assembly.
  • FPV Camera. This is a particular style of camera used for FPV racing that doesn’t require any assembly.
  • FPV Goggles. These are special goggles that allow you to view your drone in real time while flying.
  • Head Tracking. Head Tracking is a mod you can make to your goggles that allow you to adjust the angle of your camera mid-flight by adjusting your head.
  • LCD Monitor. This is a screen, usually attached to your drone’s controller that can view your multirotor camera instead of using goggles.

The Best Racing Drone Kit Choices For Beginners

To help you pick out the very best racing drone kit to use as a beginner, we’ve put together this list of different racing drone build kit’s you can buy.

1. Force 1 FPV 220 Racing Kit

Force 1 FPV 220 Racing Kit

The Force 1 XDR220 is a FPV drone racing kit which requires assembly. It comes with a lightweight, and durable carbon fiber frame which is bend-resistant. This drone was absolutely built with racing in its design. The XDR will fit into every level of racing as you can adjust, modify and tune it over time.


  • Modular design which is ready to fly and quick rebuild for crash recovery
  • Carbon fiber frame design
  • Brushless motors
  • Increased battery life thanks to balance charger
  • Fits all levels of drone racing

The Force 1’s versatility makes it a perfect beginners drone as you have the flexibility to change up the design. If you aren’t into building the drone yourself, you can also purchase an RTF package.

2. Vortex 275 Racing Quad

Vortex 285 Racing Quad

ImmersionRC’s Vortex 285 Racing Quad is one of the best RTF, first-person view models you can buy. The 275 comes from the size of the model which is slightly bigger than the more commonly found 250. But it’s still a very fast drone. The model features a foldable design which makes transportation a lot easier. ImmersionRC makes its frames out of custom injected plastic mixed with tough carbon fiber.

The camera mount comes tiltable as standard which allows you to get the right angle during flight. You can either fit a FPV camera or alternatively a GoPro. The Vortex features a full graphics on-screen display and is also compatible with 5.8Ghz video receivers.


  • Folding frame design
  • Tilting camera mount
  • FPV or mountable camera option
  • On-screen display included

For both intermediate racers and beginners, this ready to rock racing drone is a great choice.

3. Arris FPV 250

Arris FPV 250

The Arris is one of the top pick racing drones available on Amazon. With some incredible reviews, the Arris FPV 250 is an incredible drone for a beginner. With a tough carbon fiber composition mixed with glass fiber, this model is well prepared to handle any accidents or crashes. The quadcopter also features a 700TVL camera that is capable of zero latency between what you and the drone see.

The manufacturer tests all of the parts and it’s built ready to fly, but don’t forget you’ll need to purchase a remote and battery separately.


  • Tough carbon/glass fiber composited frame
  • The 700TVL camera is a nice feature
  • Incredible Amazon reviews
  • Only 13.6 ounces

Get Started With Drone Racing Today

Now you’ve found the best racing drone kit choices; it’s time to get started with the world of racing drones. Whether you want to have fun in your backyard or are considering taking up drone racing as a sport, this selection of drones should leave you well equipped.

Ready to go past beginner level? Check out the best racing drones of 2018, or if you want help and support in picking the right drone for you, get in touch with us today.

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