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Looking for a new hobby or toy you and your kids can get into? Ever considered RC cars? The toy industry isn’t playing around, especially considering the fact that its annual revenue is around $20 billion, with a 1.6% yearly growth. Among these toys, the RC car still maintains its popularity after taking a dip due to the introduction of video games. Right now, it’s up on the rise again, with brands such as Mattel and Bandai taking the opportunity of the video game industry’s lagging growth to create the best RC cars on the market.

But how do you know which ones are worth the investment?

Whether you’re looking for a generic RC car or RC buggies in the market, here is a complete guide to the best RC cars out there:

The Best RC Cars of 2019

There could be a lot of other options available in the market right now. However, the cars on this list made it because of the features they can offer, as well as the current offers and discounts on them.

1. Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car

best rc cars

This RC car from Redcat comes in two bright colors made out of polycarbonate. Both of the colors are catchy and it’s likely for you to want to get your hands on it. It has a great price, coming with a good set of features at a mid-range price. It has an excellent design overall. It’s complemented by its durability and its great performance. It’s made possible due to its motor, making it perfect for turning and drifting.

2. Distiantert 1/12 4WD

Best RC Cars Under $200

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This RC truck offers great handling on rough terrain despite being a toy-grade truck. A lot of people praise it for its 4×4 traction. The feature makes it easy to get the vehicle out of tight spots without much interference. It has a shock resistance suspension feature. This allows the Distiantert 1/12 to jump ramps without losing balance, landing perfectly. It’s one of the best RC trucks out there if you have about a $100 budget.

3. Top Race RC Monster Truck

Best RC Cars Under $100

best rc cars under 100

If you’re looking for the best RC cars under 100, this $30 RC car doesn’t sacrifice its quality and features. It has 4WD, anti-skid tires, and a design that prevents collision whenever possible. Another great bonus you have to look out for is the fact that this RC truck is waterproof, making it ideal for rough play no matter what age you might be.

All the batteries you’ll need to operate it comes right out of the box.

4. Holy Stone 2926A Lamborghini Veneno

Best RC Cars Under $50

best rc cars for kids

This RC car is the best choice when you want to prepare your children for the other types of RC vehicles they can get in the future. It runs for about half an hour, with a charge time of about 4-5 hours. It’s perfect regardless of whether they play the car indoors or outdoors as long as the surface is smooth.

Its range is 30 meters, so taking it on the street or the sidewalks is easy. This is especially the case because everything your child needs is ready to use out of the box. It has a gravity sensor control joystick which allows you to change the car’s direction as you see fit.

5. Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car

Best RC Cars for Kids

best rc cars for kids

Children aren’t bereft of options when it comes to owning RC cars, despite the fact that adults get the most out of the toys. It’s like buying robot toys for kids – the best ones are often designed for adults. Fortunately, there are good options out there for the younger crowd, like the Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car.

While this remote control car isn’t the best choice for off-roading due to its lack of waterproofing, toddlers as young as 18 months can play with it. It’s one of the best RC cars to give if you want to start your children on this hobby early.

It has a two-channel direction including the four cardinal directions. The childlike quality of this RC car comes with its cartoonish flashing lights and honking sounds. In addition, the car comes with a figure of a race car driver that they can remove and play with if they’re not keen on playing with the car alone.

Benefits of RC Cars

Owning an RC car benefits everyone, especially children. This can be one of the reasons why it continues to grow in terms of popularity even today. Here are some of the incredible advantages of children having an RC car to play with:

Enhancement of Motor Skills

Children start developing their motor skills at an early stage of their life. What this means is that children can command an RC car as early as two years of age. As they grow, they become more used to performing complex activities if they play RC cars as a child.

Develop Hand-Eye Coordination

If you want your child’s reaction time to become faster, giving them the best RC car brand helps. A lot of studies prove that children who play RC cars will develop their hand-eye coordination much faster compared to those who don’t. After all, playing these toys provides them a fun, enjoyable way to develop their skills.

best rc cars 2017

Promotes Outdoor Play

With children less likely to play outdoors because of video games, RC cars become more important. Children with this toy can play outside, meeting other children and developing social skills in a fun manner. It also lessens your stress as a parent, as children kept indoors often develop social awkwardness as they grow.

Easier Family Bonding

With busy schedules, having activities to do with your children on your downtime is a blessing. With the use of RC Cars, you can cultivate your bonds with your spouse and children. Most open fields allow both children and adults to race against each other with their RC cars, providing healthy competition that deepens family bonds.

Teaches Responsibility

Buying your child an RC car is a good way to teach them responsibility. As they grow, they become more experienced in learning the principles of responsibility. They can do this by taking care of their RC car, making sure that it doesn’t break easily and clean it up after every use.

With this, you can rest easy that your child learns to be careful with other aspects of life. It starts with the care of their RC car.

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