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Selecting the best RC truck for your purposes can be an uphill task. There are plenty of options to choose from — especially online. In the RC car world, RC trucks are the biggest, toughest land roaming vehicles out there. They are the elephants of the RC car world. Furthermore, they are unparalleled in their ability to handle offroad, uneven terrain with their relatively massive wheels and tires. An added bonus: you can use these same massive tires to roll over smaller RC cars and watch as their owner’s ego is crushed along with their car.

Top 5 Best RC Trucks of 2019

Here are our top picks for the best RC trucks for the money. If you’re still a little unsure of what exactly you’re looking for, we suggest checking out our ‘things to consider before buying’ section first.

Without further ado, here are the best RC trucks available:

1. Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Truck
Maisto RC Rock Crawler Radio Control Truck

There is no doubt that Maisto R/C Rock Crawler is among the best selling RC trucks of all time. Maisto has continually improved this model and for around $30 bucks, it’s a fair price for decent quality. We think its the best RC monster truck for the money.

This RC truck is durable, affordable as well as the fact it comes in a handful of cool styles. The truck offers kids (or even adults) endless hours of fun for about the cost of a few movie tickets.

Top Features:

  • TPE tires for excellent grip
  • Articulated rear as well as front suspension
  • Truck uses 6 AA batteries for the truck
  • The controller uses 2 AAA Batteries
  • Dimensions: 12.5 long x 7 inches wide x 8 inches tall
  • Two motors and low gearing. One of the motors helps in driving while the other one is used for steering purposes
  • The three channel transmitter allows up to three people to play with other Maisto RC vehicles simultaneously
  • The unit can easily maneuver through tough obstacles because of the torque
  • The coil spring suspension and oversized tires enable excellent offroad performance

2. Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme RC Truck
Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme RC Truck

The Rock Crawler Extreme is another RC truck from trusted brand Maisto. It is a bit more expensive than the standard Rock Crawler, but we think the it’s worth it. This unit sits a little lower to the ground and therefore is much less likely to tip over. Additionally, this truck has three powerful motors instead of two (2 are utilized for driving and 1 for steering).

Top Features:

  • Rear and front suspension
  • Three motors (one for steering, two for driving)
  • Truck requires 6 AA batteries
  • Remote requires 3 AAA batteries
  • Tri channel transmitter allows up to three Maisto RC vehicles to be in action at once
  • The device comes in different colors making it easy to choose one that suits your preference
  • 12.5 inches long x 8 inches wide x 7.5 inches tall
  • Rugged vac-formed body is durable

3. Traxxas Stampede XL-5 RC Truck
Traxxas 36054 Stampede XL-5 Truck

When you start getting into the RC world, you quickly come to find that Traxxas is a top respected name in the business. For many years, Traxxas has been one of the leading companies that design high quality cars and trucks. Their attention to detail, quality components, and durable parts begets higher prices. If you take a chance on them and invest in one of their RC vehicles, you won’t be disappointed. The Stampede is our pick for the best off road RC truck.

Whether you are a kid or an adult, this RC truck has something that will impress you. The Stampede is a 1/10 scale 2WD Monster Truck and is stocked with a robust Titan 550 Motor that is waterproof. That’s right, you can drive this baby through mud, water, sleet, and snow without worrying about breakdowns. The motor gets its juice from the NiMH 3000mAh Traxxas iD battery that charges in an impressive 1 hour and lasts nearly 1.5 hours. The 2WD does extremely well in most conditions, but if you want ultimate climbing ability we suggest splurging for the 4WD model. Traxxas designed this to be the best Traxxas truck available.

Top Features:

  • Has a TQ 2.4 GHz radio controlling system
  • The 12 Turn 550 motor provided has an internal cooling fan for effective performance
  • The speed control and receiver of the device has been secured to a chassis
  • Motor and all electronics inside are waterproof
  • 7-Cell 3000mAh battery lasts up to 1.5 hours (can purchase an additional battery from Traxxas)
  • Backed by Traxxas support, one of the best in the business

4. Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Electric RC Truck

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX

The Volcano EPX from Redcat Racing comes in a stylish blue/silver or red/gray color choice. Arguably the best electric RC truck of 2019, it is well priced alternative to Traxxas, and has many of the premium features RC enthusiasts look for when measuring the quality of a RC truck. The electric brushed 27T 540 motor is no joke and it tops out at about 20 MPH. Matched with 4WD, it can handle most anything you throw at it. The pistol grip radio control has plenty of calibration ability and over a 100 yard range.

The big downside with this unit is the battery. It only lasts about 10 minutes, so you may want to consider a battery upgrade if you plan on doing lots of offroad rambling. All you need to do is look for a battery with a banana plug, and it will be compatible with this truck. We think this is the best remote control truck for under $200.

Top Features:

  • 15.8 inches long x 12.2 wide x 7.5 tall
  • Polycarbonate body, aluminum capped oil filled shocks
  • Remote uses 8 AA batteries, operates on 2.4GHz frequency (does not interfere with other RC cars)
  • 27T 540 electric motor for speeds up to 20 MPH
  • Rechargeable 7.2 volts battery (2000 mAh)
  • Four wheel drive for ultimate offroad performance

5. Traxxas Slash Pro RC Truck

Traxxas Slash Pro RC Truck

Another one of the best RC trucks from Traxxas, the Slash Pro has more get up and go. While it doesn’t have the offroading abilities of the Stampede (smaller tires), it does rip at up to speeds of 30+ MPH! Again with Traxxas’ waterproof design, this racing truck can mob through giant puddles without a second thought. Traxxas dropped its Titan 12 turn 550 motor in this one, with the same 3000mAh iD battery that lasts up to 1.5 hours.

The top notch trigger style remote control uses the top performing 2.4GHz frequency and therefore there’s no channels or frequencies to worry about tuning. The fast charger gets the battery filled with juice in about 1 hour, so you’re never down for long. The long wheelbase chassis of 13.2 inches and ground clearance of 3.5 inches gives you the right balance of control, stability, and high speeds. The Slash Pro RC Truck is our pick for the best brushless RC truck for the money.

Top Features:

  • Top speed over 30 MPH
  • Waterproof electronics and motor
  • 12-turn Titan 550 motor
  • Long wheelbase chassis
  • NiMH 3000mAh Traxxas iD battery lasts longer than most
  • Remote is comfortable and easy to use
  • Integrated cooling fans keep motor running cool for longer periods

Benefits of Purchasing a Quality RC Truck

There are a number of benefits to spending a bit extra for a quality RC truck, instead of a cheap model that may break after a couple weeks (or even the first day). By nature, RC trucks take the biggest beating of any RC vehicle, plane, or boat. They are the badass of the land category, and most drivers will take them over challenging, rough terrain and even larger rocks. The only time we recommend going for the lowest cost RC trucks is if you’re still trying to decide whether you want to get into the RC hobby or for very young children who may only occasionally use the truck. Other than getting a RC truck that will be faster and more durable by spending some extra bucks you may want to lookout for a couple other key features.

A key feature that you gain in purchasing a quality RC truck is longer battery life. Keep a very close eye on this one, because some RC vehicles come with batteries that last less than 15 minutes! That’s okay if you or your kid is just going to use it once and awhile around the garage, but beyond that it becomes a limiting feature. Quality RC trucks from a brand like Traxxas will come with stock batteries that last longer than 1 hour.

Another feature that signals quality is waterproofing of the electronics of the RC truck. If you plan on tackling a wide array of outdoor conditions with your truck, it is a great future proofing feature to look for. Most models over $150-200 will incorporate some sort of waterproof technology, at the very least for the motor.

Benefits of the Best RC Trucks

Things to Consider Before Buying a RC Truck

One of the best places to find better deals of RC trucks is online. Whether your a Pro that’s into RC racing or purchasing your first RC car, or simply looking for the best remote control monster truck for your budget there’s something for everyone. However, with dizzying number of options on the market, selecting the best RC truck can be a difficult tasks for a novice. It is advisable to read reviews of the trucks you are interested in before making your final decision.

What to look for in the Best RC Truck for you

Here are tips that will help purchase the best RC truck for you.

  • Battery. Battery life is going to be a big determining factor in your or your child’s enjoyment of the RC truck. If you are simply looking for something to zip around the garage and driveway, 10 minutes of battery life may be sufficient. However, anything beyond that and you’ll want to start looking at a higher quality battery — something that is in the 2000mAh+ ballpark. That will help your RC truck last over an hour, which is an ideal minimum session length for kids and adults.
  • Durability. More than any other vehicle, durability counts for RC trucks. Trucks take a pounding and it’s a good idea to find a truck with scale front and rear bumpers. These can handle brutal impacts and even collisions with other trucks. You can be assured your truck is built with quality parts when you purchase from a trusted brand, but that’s not to say there aren’t some well built models around the $60 price point.
  • Remote Control Comms. Nobody is having a good time when their RC truck or car goes haywire and the rest of the cars are off to the races. That person or kid is likely to throw quite a fit and that’s just no fun. We highly recommend RC cars operating with 2.4GHz control which allows up to 20 vehicles all to be controlled at the same time without interference.
  • Suspension. Oil filled shocks are perfect for RC trucks and when combined with 4WD tech, can enable the truck to handle pretty much anything you throw at it. Some of the more advanced suspension systems even utilize pressure bladders, spring clips, and tunable parts.
  • 2WD/4WD. Another big decision you’ll want to make is between 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive. Obviously, 4 wheel drive is going to climb better and get stuck less, but they are also going to cost more.
  • Top Speed. Top speed capability is very much a double edged sword. On the one hand, it is very exhilarating to fly around with your RC truck at high speeds over the roughest terrain. It can really be badass to launch off of hilly terrain. Plus, you’re really going to turn some heads with a fast moving truck. On the other hand, and this is especially true with RC trucks the more speed you have, the more potentiality you have to break things. A newcomer to the RC world will quickly find out all these little parts breaking and buying replacements quickly adds up.

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