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In this digital age, there are many tech products available. One of the more fun tech products is robots, and they aren’t the gimmicky ones some of us grew up with. Our kids can now have some very advanced robotic toys that will help them develop many skills and expand their imaginations. We have all of the best robots for kids in one place, so you can make your child’s dreams comes true without the hassle of shopping.

Robots are becoming more advanced; rather than serving as a fun today, robots can help us with many daily life activities or they can fly like drones. Robots have expressive personalities and offer a wide range of activities to help stimulate your child. Some have educational benefits, so your child learns while having fun.

With so many robots on the market, which one should you choose? If you’re looking for the best robot toys for kids, continue reading this comprehensive buying guide and robot recommendation list.

The 6 Best Robots for Kids of 2019

Here is our reviews of the 6 Best Robots for Kids- keep in mind the features we listed above when you’re browsing, and know which ones are most important to you. We feel confident you will love any choice from our list! If you’re still not sure about which robot your should purchase for your child, read through our buyers guide in the next couple of sections.

1. Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

wonder workshop dash robot for kids

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot is an award-winning toy that is filled with fun. Dash immediately recognizes your voice and is ready to play the second you take it out of the box. Dash is programmed with hundreds of games, entertaining your child for hours.

Where Dash truly stands out is he uses fun activities to teach your child how to code. Dash has been reviewed and rated as one of the best robot toys for kids on the market.

2. Makeblock mBot Kit

Makeblock mBot Kit robot for kids

What’s the best way to teach a child about robotics then with, well, a robot? Makeblock mBot Kit is an educational robot that teaches your child about robotics, STEM, programming, and electronics. It does this by assembling your robot with creativity.

If your child is a smartypants, challenge your child with this assembly-required robot. This is one of the best coding robots for kids to get them started on the tech path!

3. WowWee Miposaur

WowWee Miposaur

Maybe the Miposaur never existed in the dinosaur era, but this dinosaur robot reigns the digital era. Miposaur is an interactive dinosaur that can dance, go through an obstacle course, and he loved being chased.

Your child can control Miposaur with an app, playing a variety of games for hours of fun. If your child wants to be challenged, you can also control Miposaur with hand gestures.

4. Sphero Ollie

Sphero Ollie

If your child wants an outdoor tech toy, there’s no better outdoor robot than Sphero Ollie. This robot may be small, but it’s one of the most powerful robots on the market. Sphero Ollie is designed to do stunts and other intense moves in the outdoors. It’s high-quality and will last for years.

5. Anki Cozmo

Anki Cozmo

Interested in a robot with a bit more personality? Your best choice is the Anki Cozmo. Anki Cozmo is proof of how far artificial intelligence is coming. He has a real personality and is sure to win over your child. Because of this, Anki Cozmo will become a robot friend or companion.

6. BB-8


If your child is a Star Wars fan, surprise your child with the real deal. This BB-8 isn’t just some figurine inspired by the mega-franchise. The BB-8 robot recognizes your voice and understands commands. BB-8 can accompany your child in various surroundings and is fully controllable with an app.

The Benefits of Owning a Robot

Today, there are so many robots and they all have outstanding benefits. When buying a robot for your child, it’s important to do your research and consider how you want a robot to benefit your child. Check out the following sections where we go over many of the benefits of robots, and see if it sparks your curiosity a little more.

Helps Your Child Learn Skills

Whether you want your child to learn the ABCs or more advanced skills such as coding, there’s an educational robot on the market for every learning skill. Some of the best robots for kids allow them to learn coding, robotics, and so much more!

Enhances Creativity

Robots open up your child to a completely different world. Robots came in all shapes and sizes, colors, and offer a range of activities. This opens up your child’s creativity levels.

Keep Them Busy!

As all parents hate to admit it — sometimes you want to distract your child. Rather than shoving a tablet in their face, you want to offer a fun experience while keeping them distracted. A robot offers both and can help develop motor skills, and their ability to problem solve on their own.

Robots are Fun

Simply put, robots are lots of fun. Your child will love playing with a crazy-looking robot, such as a dinosaur. Robots are also interactive, keeping your child preoccupied for hours.

best robot toys for kids

What to Look for When Shopping for a Robot

Robots have many benefits, but you’ll get the biggest bang for your bucks when you buy a high-quality robot.

With so many robots on the market, it’s difficult to know which one to buy. Each child is different and the best way to know which robot you should buy is by understanding your child’s interest. Our shopping guide will help narrow down which robots you should buy and which you should pass over.

Generally, paying attention to price range, materials, and features is your best bet of knowing which robot to buy. Here’s more information to make your decision easier.


If the robot is made of a cheap material, the robot won’t last long. And you know children love playing rough, so your robot needs to withstand rough play. Materials such as polycarbonate will withstand damage such as falls. Metals are also always a good pick. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion, so you’ll be able to use your robot in a variety of settings. Steel is one of the most powerful robot materials, and will withstand a lot more damage.

Better materials also mean the robot is more flexible, meaning it can do more than a cheaply made robot. The best robots for kids are going to be made with stronger materials that can handle the wear and tear.

best robots for kids


So your child gets the full effect of having a robot, take a look at all of its features. Does the robot walk, talk, make noise, or react to your child? What learning opportunities does the robot offer? Can it play games or do other fun activities?

Take a look at the features and see if the robot can stimulate your child.


If you’re purchasing a robot, check its reviews. Make sure parents have said good things about the robot. If the reviews say the robot works really well and kept its quality is a robot you should buy. But a robot that constantly broke down and offered no stimulation is a robot you shouldn’t bother buying.

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