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Welcome to our article where we are Unleashing the best video drones on the market! After reading our buyers guide and product suggestions, we feel confident that you will be able to find the best video drone for your aerial filming needs.

We’ve compiled a short guide to help you decide on drone type and key features when deciding on what the best video drones are. Up first are our consumer picks that are worth checking out.

10 Best Video Drones of 2019

You should ask yourself what are the most important features of a drone purchase. Our picks for the best drones for video span different budgets and capabilities. Remember, you will crash and destroy your drone as a beginner.

Many models can be repaired without needing electronics experience, this makes the learning process much less painful. Take this into consideration after deciding on camera specs.

1. DBPower X400W

Best Video Drones for Beginners

Best Video Drones for Beginners

We start with the slick and compact design of DBPower’s X400W. This little drone is great because it handles well and it can perform stunts with great agility, even for the amateur pilot. This one comes ready to go right out of the box, with an onboard HD camera that can be turned on and off while in the air.

Not only that, despite being under $100, it has VR compatibility. The battery life is a low-end with 8 minutes, but still one of the best video drones for beginners.

2. UDI U818A-HD

Best Video Drones for Amateurs

Best Video Drones for Amateurs

This six-axis gyrocopter drone offers an excellent opportunity for amateur filmmakers due to its outstanding stability in the air. The U818A comes with a decent battery that can be recharged through the USB port, taking about an hour and a half to charge with up to 10 minutes of flight.

Get a few batteries together and you’ll have no problems filming your own short films in your backyard. The U818A has been a favored video drone model years.

3. Holy Stone F181

Best Video Drones Under 200

best video drones under 200

This last drone is more of a style preference than anything, but it does come equipped with some nice features. It has a key return headless security system that protects your investment. The pre-programmed flip controls that allow you to perform rolls very easily.

So, while this drone doesn’t come with first-person viewing controls, it is pretty easy to keep track of where it’s shooting. You can get a respectable range of up to 100 meters and 9 minutes per charge on the F181.

4. DJI Phantom 3

Best Drones with Live Video Feed

Best Drones with Live Video Feed

A great mid-range budget choice is DJI’s most popular model. As with most electronics, the release of the newest flagship makes the previous model very affordable. The Phantom 3 starts with a standard model capable of 2.7k video, but the professional model does support 4k.

The live video control feed is a clear 720p image, making it easy to pilot on your phone. This is what makes it one of the best drones with live video feed. The Phantom 3 is a breeze to control for photographers, offering great stability and autopilot features. And best of all? You can squeeze out up to 25 minutes on a single charge.

Replacement parts are easy to come by with the popularity of the Phantom 3. That makes it a great choice for beginners who will probably go through a lot of propellers their first few weeks.

5. Parrot Bebop 2

Best Drones for Professional Video

best drones for professional video

Set up to Parrot’s latest Bebop model. This high-performance model is among the best video drones on the market, combining style and power. Parrot has improved their camera quality in both resolution and low-lighting performance.

You get 25 minutes on a charge and a very fast top-speed of 38mph. The Bebop 2 reaches much higher elevations than your average drone, making wide-angle shots impressive with a 90-degree FOV.

This is a great drone for indoor videography, too. It’s light and compact design pair well with its camera capabilities. The wide-angle 14 MP camera lens operates well inside, with very precise controls and steady hovering.

6. Potensic T25

Best Video Drones: Quadcopter

best video drone quadcopter

This is another popular drone on the market for new buyers who want the authentic experience of owning a drone. It comes with easy assembly and the ability to replace and add-on parts and accessories for cheap. Drone pilots know that the bulk of the cost of their drone ends up in replacing propellers, batteries, and etc. after the initial purchase.

Although the draw is in its customizability, this drone is pretty durable. It won’t crumple up like a leaf when you crash it into the ground by accident, as with most budget drones out on the market. Also handles weight very well, in case you’re thinking of adding a better camera on board.

Potensic’s GPS assistance is spot-on. It will auto-return when the battery gets low or signal gets lost. This makes long photography sessions much less complicated. You can even set a waypoint to make the drone return to a spot with the press of a button. Talk about a smart drone. The T25 is highly recommended for kids who are ready to graduate past toy drones.

7. Holy Stone HS700

Best Video Drone with 1080p HD

Best Video Drone with 1080p HD

This Holy Stone model is ready for the future. You get a stunning 110 degrees field of view in 1080p HD. This view is translated directly to you in live video. This makes for a great scouting drone.

Once you find your ideal shot, you can easily lock it in to hover in place. If you’re filming a video with the HS700, you’ll love that it flies in near-silence. The brushless motors whisper in the air, greatly reducing that annoying buzz associated with drones. Lastly, the HS700 uses new 5Ghz technology, making live 1080p streaming crystal clear.

8. DJI Mavic Air

Best Drones for Video Aficionados 

Best Drones for Video Aficionados 

It’s compact, it’s lightweight, and it can be quickly deployed for nice aerial views. This is DJI’s answer to the mini-drone craze, for those who can afford to splurge. It’s worth it, too, giving a generous 4k 60fps picture without the bulk.

Battery life is pretty average, at under 20 minutes, but that’s because of its power, despite the size. It’s fast and smart, with the ability to track moving objects. ActiveTrack can sense up to 16 selectable subjects simultaneously.

Built-in HDR and slow-motion capabilities just add even more value to this awesome little package.

9. DJI Spark

Best Video Drone for Creatives

Best Video Drone for Creatives

We had to choose this one just on its creative merits alone. Thinking outside the box, DJI has created a drone that allows you to control it using hand gestures. Think Star Wars, but without needing actual Jedi powers to control machines.

Don’t let the marketing fool you, this is more than just a selfie drone. You can do everything for DJI’s Go app or you can opt for a traditional drone controller separately. Honestly, for the average photographer, you shouldn’t need one.

The Spark is so smart, you can literally tap areas on the live view on your phone and it will go to it without crashing. It even adjusts itself based on the lighting in an area.

10. DJI Phantom 4

Best Video Drone 2019

Best Video Drone 2018

Somehow DJI Phantom just keeps getting better with each release. The Phantom 3 was already an impressive feature-rich drone, the 4 refines it further. It sports 5 different object-sensing trackers, object avoidance AI, and a lighter frame. This makes filming with the Phantom 4 a virtual risk-free affair.

Crashing your expensive drone becomes that much harder with how great these drones handle.

A steady gimbal-mounted camera that supports H.264 4K videos at 60fps or H.265 4K at 30fps. The 20MP camera uses a mechanical shutter, eliminating that digital blur found on many drone shots.

All of DJI’s latest drone features mentioned are on the Phantom 4, but better:

  • Gesture commands
  • TapFly and an all-new Waypoint Draw
  • Upgraded Return to Home mode
  • 5.8 GHz transmission support
  • 30 minutes flight time

That makes the DJI Phantom 4 our choice for one of the best video drones that money can buy.

The Rise of the Video Drone

best video drones

Seeing drones flying in-person, you can’t help but walk away wanting to own one of them for yourself. Drones sales are growing every year, with four times the purchases during the holidays. They’re being used for so much more than surveillance or kids’ toys. Companies are using them for fast deliveries. Aerial panoramic views have elevated photography and film. Even amateur photographers have been inspired by the flight of the drone.

More people are buying their first drone due to the steep decline in the prices for beginner models. For most cases, the starter builds are more than suitable for everyday video photography.

Major Video Drone Types

best drones for video

Drones are built for many different functions; some for speed, others for filming. They fall under three major categories, based on propeller location. As a photographer, there’s no wrong choice, it all depends on what type of action you’re trying to film.

Multi-rotor Video Drones

The most prevalent drones on the market, also known as the quadcopter. These drones are very beginner-friendly for all-purpose flying. You’re not going to win any races with one, but they are very stable and responsive to controls. These are ideal for video photography.

Helicopter Video Drones

They’re marketed with the name drone in them, but they are essentially the grown-ups RC helicopters with the perks of refined technology. These drones are very fast and versatile for various commercial applications, like farming and supply delivery for corporate/governmental use.

The learning curve for helicopter drones is very steep, prepare to crash and burn them and your wallet many times.

Video Drone Planes

These look just like the menacing version you see being used by the military. They are ideal for racing enthusiasts and hobbyists. Probably the second most popular drone on the market and more beginner-friendly than helicopters. Sweeping areal shots are amazing with drone planes.

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